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Use Rameder’s spring compressors!

Be safe! (EN)

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Relaxing can be so very dangerous. Especially when carelessly repaired or serviced springs sort of “explode”. Reckless amateur mechanics may then suffer from bruises, fractures, deep cuts, eye damage or even life-threatening head wounds. And the material damage to the workshop interior, building, car can also be considerable. That’s why for repairs or removals springs should always be fixed with the right spring compressor, e.g. Rameder’s, available at www.rameder.nl. Never improvise and use tools like jacks, tension belts, chains or ropes.

Rameder’s universal set only costs €25 and includes two stable spring compressors. Since you only have to screw on two threaded spindles, it’s all a catwalk. Four clamps each fix the compressed spring. The maximum span is 300mm. And you can choose between the ½’’ impactor, ratchet or jaw spanner. But whatever you use, the spring compressors’ high quality means a long life, even when used on a daily basis. So you can relax again in your workshop when working on springs.

In the Rameder Shop at www.rameder.nl you’ll find many useful automotive products. Have a look!


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