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Rameder provides everything you need to get safely through the cold winter months

Don't get annoyed about the winter (EN)

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Snow-covered landscapes are the most beautiful aspects of the wintertime. However, the cold season is also fraught with dangers. This not only includes slippery roads, frozen windows and engine problems. But a proper preparation can prevent some of these risks. Rameder has compiled a list of useful products, which can be found on the company website in the "Prepare for winter" category.

To get safe through the winter, car drivers should keep an eye on the antifreeze, for example. It can be used to protect the radiator, the water pump or the cooling channels from rusk. In addition, it must be replaced at least every three years. The windscreen antifreeze for the headlight and windscreen washer systems is an effective means of preventing trouble before it starts. To supplement this, the spray de-icer reliably provides protection against new formation of ice. And the best thing about it is that ice scraping by hand becomes a thing of the past. The above-mentioned products can be found in the "Car care" category on Rameder's website.

Moreover, slippery ice and packed snow represent a particular danger during the winter months. At low temperatures, you should definitely have winter tires installed. Due to the modified rubber compound, the tires provide more safety when braking and cornering.

And thanks to its comprehensive range of products, such as roof racks and ski racks or roof boxes, Rameder makes sure that there is certainly no lack of fun in the wintertime. Rameder ensures that the best solution can be found for every transport challenge. If the next trip goes to high mountains or heavily snow-covered areas, you can even order snow chains for all standard car tyre sizes from Rameder. Furthermore, many categories comprise useful information and advice on the products offered. Thus, a visit to www.rameder.nl is worthwhile in any case.


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