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With Rameder‘s height-adjustable EUFAB Bike Lift carrier

Save your back! (EN)

Melding van 2017-06-06 om 14:22 uur

It’s getting warm again, the perfect time for a bicycle tour. And e-bikes have become particularly popular over the past few years, and for a reason: should you need it - if you are a bit older, say - its e-drive will help you. But while this will get you to your destination without stressing out your legs, loading its weight may stress your back. That’s why at www.rameder.nl Rameder sells it tow-bar bike carrier Bike Lift by EUFAB for €711. Its push-of-a-button technology will make it much easier to mount heavy e-bikes. Lowering it, for example, means you an easily push the wheels into their rails.

Convincing handling and ergonomic design

And you cannot only easily carry up to two e-bikes or bicycles with the EUFAB Bike Lift, assembling it is also very easy and ergonomic. You can, for example, easily move it using its castors. And when affixing it to the tow bar you don’t even have to lift it. Besides, you can always fold it away to get access to your boot. Isn’t that convenient?!

Protects your back and cargo

E-bikes are, of course, quite expensive and thieves may therefore feel tempted. But in terms of a lock-based anti-theft protection the EUFAB Bike Lift is also well equipped. Best you remove the heavy and expensive batteries during transport and put them in your car. This will prevent unpleasant surprises and ensure you have a nice trip.

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