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Stay safe throughout winter with Rameder (EN)

Melding van 2015-11-06 om 10:02 uur

Winter is just around the corner, so before Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, you should make sure that you have got your hat, gloves and scarf at the ready. Yet the people who really need to prepare now are drivers. Adding a good dose of antifreeze to the radiator fluid and the windscreen wash is equally as important as switching to winter tyres.

An antifreeze measuring spindle is a great way to easily determine the frost resistance of these fluids. Rameder, Europe’s leading provider of transport accessories, offers a patented two-­ substance spindle from its online shop at www.rameder.nl for only 3.65 euros. This provides precise and reliable readings in all temperature ranges by following the thermal expansion of the fluid and avoiding temperature errors. An equally reliable and somewhat more convenient alternative is the ‘Hydro-­Temp’ antifreeze tester, also available at www.rameder.nl for 11 euros.

Of course, Rameder also offers suitable antifreeze products for whenever these are required. And these can do far more than just protect against the cold. A litre of windscreen antifreeze concentrate costs just 1.98 euros from the online shop, works at up to minus 60 degrees and provides clear visibility at all times thanks to its cleaning agents. A one-­litre bottle of radiator antifreeze can be purchased from the online shop for just 3.24 euros. This protects the radiator against ‘frostbite’ at even Arctic temperatures of minus 69 degrees while also preventing corrosion.


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