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Turn the Fiat 500X into a pack horse with towbars from Rameder

The “Necking Ball” Has Come of Age (EN)

Melding van 2015-10-07 om 15:17 uur

Formerly known as the “Necking Ball”, the FIAT 500 is all grown up now. You can even buy the new Crossover 500X in a version that matches your bicycle: For example, the 500X City Look matches a city bike for daily short distances or the 500X Offroad Look goes well with daring cross-­ country adventures on a mountain bike. You can even transport bicycles with Fiat’s big one ‒ for example, with a towbar carrier by Rameder. Europe’s leading provider of transport accessories offers the required rigid towing hook with screwed-­on tow ball and 13-­pin electrical set from only EUR 216. The detachable version from Rameder is available from EUR 289. Of course, our company’s famous best-­price guarantee also applies to these offers, which are available at www.rameder.nl.

No matter which tow-­bar version you choose, the FIAT 500X can pull a weight of up to 1,500 kg. And, with a vertical bearing load capacity of 75 kg, you can choose more than one bicycle to take along on your trip;; the 500X can easily carry up to four “normal” bicycles or two e-­bikes. It is by no means the only option for converting the iconic Italian into a true pack horse. Equipped with a towbar by Rameder, the FIAT can confidently pull a camper for your next camping trip or a horse box while travelling to an equestrian event.

Towbars from Rameder vastly expand the usage spectrum of the 500X. And, not to worry, necking is still allowed …


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