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Rameder’s breakdown and first-aid products

Towing made easy! (EN)

Melding van 2017-02-24 om 13:54 uur

You can’t always avoid accidents or breakdowns. But you can be prepared for them by having a few useful items in your car. Should your car break down, for example, a towing rope might come in handy. Rameder has one that can tow 3,500kg and features a red safety flag, all for only €13. Check out www.rameder.nl for useful Rameder products under “car accessories”, then “Safety needs”.

If you have an accident or your car breaks down, you should always protect yourself first. For example, you have to wear a reflective vest in Germany (mandatory since July 1, 2014), so there must be at least one such item in any passenger car. Elsewhere, regulations differ. But even if it is not mandatory, you better wear one anyway, lest other road user can’t really see you.

What is also very useful, is a reflective triangle, which you put up to alert other road users. It should be positioning about 200m before the scene of the breakdown or accident. And should you inadvertently have left your reflective triangle at such a scene, why not buy an inexpensive new one from Rameder!?

Also mandatory is, of course, a first-aid kit. Please check out its BBD. Rameder sells various items you may need for it. Simply check out “Safety needs”.


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