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Rameder with tips for parking caravans correctly in Germany

How to park your caravan after your trip (EN)

Melding van 2016-09-22 om 15:38 uur

The summer holidays are over and it is time to look for a place to park your caravan. Just leaving it by the wayside is not the best option, obviously. Rameder, Europe’s leading provider of automotive transport solutions, has some tips for a correct parking of caravans in Germany.

First of all, the German Road Traffic Regulations do, of course, also apply to caravans, so see to it that yours is not parked in any no-parking or no-waiting or exclusive-parking zone. But even if the area is a free parking area, this does not allow you to park there indefinitely: the maximum caravan parking period is two weeks. Any infringement carries a fine. However, this does not apply to a car/caravan combination, so if you find a space that is large enough, you can park it for as long as you want, unless the space is colour-marked, which means the caravan must not protrude from that area, nowhere. Again, any infringement carries a fine. If such markings or lines permit parking on the pavement, this only applies to vehicles of a GVW of up to 2.8 metric tonnes. So check out yours...

And you would be wrong if you were to think that parking your caravan on your own property would be ungoverned by any law. On the contrary, German Building Law provides for the concept of “predominantly stationary use”, which may well be constituted by a permanent, prolonged or repeated parking of your caravan on the same property, which would require you to apply for a building permit of sorts.

You should also always see to it that even a correctly parked caravan does not obstruct pedestrians’ view of the traffic - particularly now, when so many first-formers may want to cross the road.


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